Our quality hulled hemp seeds are called a super food for a reason

When hemp is harvested the seed is encased in a hard shell.  By removing the shell, or de-hulling it the uses of the hemp seed grow dramatically. Hulled hemp seeds are often called hemp seed hearts, hemp meat  or hemp nuts (hemp nuts are not actually nuts and safe for those with nut allergies). Hemp nuts are a excellent protein source, they are highly digestible and also contain Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids, amino acids as well as a host of essential nutrients.

At Midlake Specialty Food Products Inc. we use a state of the art mechanical process to de hull the hemp seed. No heat or chemical is used in the process so the nutrient value of the hemp nut is maintained. Dehulled hemp seed is best kept in the fridge or freezer for up to 14 months.

Some popular uses for dehulled hemp seeds include:
- sprout mixes
- salad or vegetable topper
- add the hemp nut to your baking, trail mixes and nutritional bars
- cereals, granola
- high proteins shakes
- “nut” butter

• Our hulled hemp seeds are available in bulk wholesale quantities of 11.3 kg (25 lb) kraft bags, 22.7kg (50lb) kraft bags, and 907.2kg (2000lb) mini bulk tote bags.

• Certified Organic processing facility.

• Our products are sold only to manufacturers, bulk wholesalers, distributors and businesses. We do not sell to the final consumer.

• Dehulling of toasted hempseed is available upon request.