Bulk Hemp Product Processing

Toasted Hemp Seeds
At Midlake Specialty Foods we will toast your hemp seeds to perfection using our exceptional quality control measures and state of the art food grade equipment. Give us a call today.
Hulled Hemp Seeds
Midlake Specialty Food Products offers a complete processing solution for sourcing hulled hempseed, hemp protein powders, toasted hempseed and clarified hempseed oil bulk food ingredients for your brand.

Professional processed hemp seed!

We process by cleaning the whole hemp grain first, then we remove the outer shell of the hemp grain through a low-heat, mechanical process.

Schedule us to process your hemp
Today, we are processing hemp food products and ingredients up to 7 days per week to meet the ever increasing demand for healthy, nutritious hemp foods.
Dry Hemp Products
Dry hemp products processing includes toasted, sterilized and hulled hemp seeds.
Who we supply to?
Food manufacturers, retail branded hemp food products, body care and cosmetic industry and commercial use.

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Conventional, Organic and non-GMO

Our products are sold only to manufacturers, bulk wholesalers, distributors and businesses. We do not sell to the final consumer.